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Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs are awesome ways to move heavy weight around, but they must be done properly.

You can do it right now, while you're sitting in front of the computer.

Let your hands fall by your side.

Now, lift your shoulders up to your ears, very carefully concentrating on the movement. Feel your neck muscles bunch up as you try to touch your shoulders to the earlobes.

The shoulder shrug builds up the trapezius, as well as the deltoids (shoulder muscles) and other muscles in the upper back.

The incredible thing about shrugs is, it doesn't take a lot of heavy weight to build the trapezius muscle, however, if you want to look impressive, this short muscle group can move some heavy poundage.

Shoulder shrug control

The shoulder shrug should be about control, as should every weight based resistance exercise you have in your work out.

The control comes from tightly gripping the weight, allowing it to dangle by your side, and concentrating on using the trapezius muscle to lift the weight away from the ground.

Alternate shoulder exercises

It's fun to mix up the exercises for the shoulder shrug, by alternating between dumbbells and barbells, which shifts the weight to other muscle groups and by lifting heavy one work out and going lighter the next.

A heavy work out is for mass building, so lower repetitions are what you should do.

Pick a weight you can handle comfortably, and squeeze out 8 - 10 repetitions.

Increase the weight so that by the time you reach the 8th rep, your traps are burning, and you have to work for 9 and 10.

And repeat with an even heavier weight.

There are hand straps and gloves that can help your grip when working with heavy weight.

During your next shoulder session, pick a light, comfortable weight and go for 15-25 reps.

This should be about total control, and concentrating on feeling the trap muscle do the work.

Don't forget to squeeze in your stomach muscles while doing this for an added degree of difficulty.

Shoulder shrugs are awesome mass builders and can allow you to impress the gym with moving heavy weight. But don't get so caught up in impressing that you forget control, which will help you build leaner muscle mass faster.

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