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Shoulder Workout at Home

Everybody loves that look, you know the one, broad shoulders with a strong back that tapers down to a narrow waist in a classic V shape.

But how can you build those strong broad shoulders when you just can make it to the gym enough?

The truth is, if you can't make it to the gym for a workout, it's going to be difficult to build the kind of body you want and crave.

Yes, some people can do it in the privacy of their own home, but the gym or fitness centre is like an auto shop for your body.

You may be able to tinker on your car as a shade tree mechanic, but for the hard stuff, you have to take it to the shop.

The gym is the shop for your body. Not all of us are mechanics, body mechanics that is. So if you want to build softball sized melons that rest on each shoulder, huge balls of muscle that draws gasps of awe and surprise from people passing by, hit the gym and do the basics.

Military press. Seated Shoulder press using dumbbells. Lift heavy. Lift hard. Use the cable machines for definition. Hit every deltoid head from every angle. Watch what the big guys do and follow their example.

But don't lift out of control, which a lot of big guys do. You're going to be different. You're going to control the weight.

But what if I don't want softball sized shoulders, you say? Well, like the headline promised, there are a few simple exercises you can do at home, sitting in front of your television that will get your shoulders in shape.


Number one: Do pushups. The basic push up not only works your chest, but brings your shoulders in play.

This is one of the best exercises you can do for your front deltoid. Start with 3 sets of 15, and progress to putting your feet on a Swiss ball to make the exercise harder.

The Plank

Number two: The Plank. Yes, it's an isometric exercise, but it will striate your muscles like you wouldn't believe. Modify this plan by holding it on your hands instead of elbows.

If you don't know what the Plank is, it's going to feel like walking one the first time or two.

Try it by doing a push up, but when you're fully extended on the push up (that is, your body is furthest from the ground) hold it. Count to 10. Feel it burn.

While you're holding it, suck your stomach in. Try to touch your belly button to your spine. Hold it. Remember to breathe.


Number three: Grab two dumbbells.

The Plank and the Push up are going to work your front deltoid, so you need to concentrate on the middle and rear muscles.

Do side raises.

Stand up during a commercial and alternate arms.

Lift the weight to shoulder height, hold for a 2 or 3 count with your palm facing down, and lower.

Remember to stay in control. Do ten reps per arm until the commercials are over.

The Number One at Home Workout - Shadowboxing!

And finally, the number one at home workout you can do to strengthen and sculpt your shoulders into works of art: Shadowboxing! That's right. Boxers, Ultimate fighters, MMA and kick boxers all have well defined chunks of muscles on their shoulders because they spend hour upon hour boxing with the air. You can too.

Do it during your favourite television show.

That's 30 minutes to an hour of shadow boxing.

Hold your stomach in tight while you do it to incorporate your abdominal muscles. Jab. Cross. Uppercut. Jab. Cross. Uppercut.

Find a rhythm and just keep punching. That's it! You should be cutting out television and going to the gym instead, but sometimes family obligations and traffic can prevent that from happening.

So instead, make it a family night by exercising together. You may find that your spouse and kids would rather do shoulder exercises with you instead of watching television, and you can build bonds as strong as your bodies.

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