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Shoulder Pain Exercise

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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Sore Shoulder

The importance of one’s shoulder is often only noticed when even a simple upward movement is suddenly hindered by soreness and pain.

This often neglected body part is surprisingly one of the most indispensable joints of the human body.

The constant wear and tear on a sore shoulder often results in a message sent through varying levels of pain, signalling the malfunction and possible breakdown of this complex joint.

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Soreness of the shoulder is often experienced following activities that put pressure on the shoulder like painting, lifting weights or even a feel good work out.

A sore shoulder which creeps on gradually can be as debilitating as the agonizing jolt that follows a clumsy fall.

Whichever way a sore shoulder occurs, the most common reasons for the acute discomfort is often caused by the rotator cuff muscles.

Shoulder Tendonitis

One such problem is tendonitis which is linked to the soreness of the tendon of the rotator cuff.

Bursitis or the strain on the fluid sac under the highest part of the shoulder and impingement syndrome caused by excessive calcium deposits are also pointers to the cause of a sore shoulder.

Doctors say that the inflammation of the tendons is always brought on by overuse.

Activities like continuous keyboard typing, racket sports or excessive putting on the golf course cause the tendon to painfully rub against the acromion (a bony protuberance of the shoulder blade) and cause a breakdown of normal activities.

Shoulder Bursitis

Bursitis, the other irritant which is also very similar to tendonitis is also brought on by overworking the joint.

The presence of Bursitis is more clear cut than tendonitis as it is accompanied by a swelling of the bursae (the soft sac in the joint).

Tendonitis, bursitis or the discomfort of calcium deposits may respond to home-remedies, ice and heat applications and even get a temporary relief from anti-inflammatory medications.

A sore shoulder which stubbornly reoccurs needs to be checked by a physician to rule out a deeper tear which might require surgical correction.

Abstaining from overhead activities and lifting movements is recommended even if the cause for the sore shoulder is unclear.

Only an MRI or a physician’s evaluation will determine the extent of the tear as a neglected deep tear could spread into a full rupture.

An early diagnosis of a sore shoulder can prevent a patient from requiring shoulder surgery.

Shoulder Surgery

A surgical remedy using arthroscopic (keyhole) techniques, using a very small incision is an option for patients who have to consider a surgical correction.

The arthroscopic technique is a comfortable option as it allows the patient a very short hospital stay.

Shoulder Exercise

The aid of a simple exercise regime is always the most recommended course of action for patients complaining of a sore shoulder.

Even post-operative patients after the required recuperation are always advised to strengthen a sore shoulder.

Physical therapy exercises ultimately increase the range of motion and strength around the shoulder.

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