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Spine and Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from shoulder pain then you may find relief in exercising the spine.

Back exercises improve the muscles that lie between the shoulders and working these muscles, in particular the trapezius muscle, can relieve shoulder pain.

Why Exercising the Spine will Help the Shoulder

Your spine and shoulder are very closely related and in particular the strength and mobility of your thoracic spine (upper back) will influence your shoulder pain.

Firstly, by exercising the spine and ensuring its strength, you will help to improve your posture.

The poor posture associated with a lack of strength and mobility in the upper back leads to an increased risk of the rotator cuff of the shoulder getting pinched.

Spinal exercises also influence the trapezius muscle which is also the muscle responsible for upward rotation of the scapulae.

If this is not working properly then it also narrows the subacromial space (the bit where the shoulder tendons run), increasing the chances of shoulder injury.

If you are already suffering from shoulder pain the correct use of exercises will also release endorphins that can act as natural painkillers and further reduce the pain you are experiencing.

Your spine and shoulders are connected and the health of one will affect the health of the other.

It is therefore important to ensure that you do exercises that strengthen the spine and help to hold it in the correct posture, so decreasing your chances of shoulder injury and even helping to relieve shoulder pain.

Spinal Exercises to do to Improve Shoulder Pain

The first exercise you may want to try to relieve shoulder pain and strengthen the muscles in your back is known as The Dart.

During this exercise you lie on your stomach with your forehead on a towel, arms at your sides with palms facing down and then stomach pulled in.

Slowly lift your head and chest off the ground and raise your arms slightly.

Pulling and stretching exercises are also great for your spine and for relieving and preventing shoulder pain.

In order to do these exercises you will need a band that you can wrap around a solid object that you can pull against.

Another option is a rowing machine where you can make a rowing movement pulling your elbows straight back.

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