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As we age our
tendons become less flexible due to wear, health issues, stress, and overexertion.

Many people find themselves faced with tendonitis, or inflammation of the tendon, due to repetition of movement, like when playing catch, doing construction work, or even folding clothes.

The most familiar form of tendonitis is located in the shoulder. Here, the rotator cuff and/or biceps tendon becomes inflamed, because of the pinching of a nerve or surrounding structures.

Shoulder tendonitis may vary from mild inflammation to severe pain in the rotator cuff due to the location and intensity of the swelling.

In many cases of tendonitis, the rotator cuff thickens and gets trapped under the acromion, causing impingement.

Tendonitis treatments range from the use of heat and ice to painkillers and injections.

See Tendonitis Treatment for more information


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