Jo Calvino_Top_female_weightlifter

"Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and cure your shoulder injuries"

"I was introduced to Tim back in September 2005 at my home training venue at Crystal Palace. I was for the Commonwealth Championships, when 1 week before I was due to leave I injured my arm. It was from this point he had a real challenge ahead...to fix me in 7 days!! After the first visit I instantly felt better and responded quickly to Tim's treatment to feel fully fit heading out to my event.

Leading up to Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne Tim's treatment was a major role in maintaining my physical fitness. He not only takes on board your injuries, he takes on the requirements of your sport to ensure any weaknesses are fazed out to allow you to be at your best, and I definitely benefitted from this. He is totally 100% committed to you no matter how big or small your problems may be, Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and cure your shoulder injuries.

Jo Calvino
Top female weightlifter

Abdul Buhari

"I would strongly recommend Tim and his team to anyone with any injury regardless of whether you compete at an amateur level or world class"

"I had the pleasure of meeting Tim in 2005 when came back from an international in Norway. I was told my season was over due to injury. I met Tim at Crystal Palace National Centre where he said he would like to attempt to fix me because he was confident that he had the relevant expertise.

Being a sceptic and having nothing to lose I went along and saw Tim and, hand on heart, Tim was wonderful and soon after a number of rehab secessions he had me throwing a discus again, and I finished the season 4th in England. I am eternally grateful to Tim. I would strongly recommend Tim and his team to anyone with any injury regardless of whether you compete at an amateur level or world class. I look forward to continuing to work with Tim throughout my athletics career".

Abdul Buhari
International Discus Thrower

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shoulder pain patient

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tim to anyone"

"When I was referred to Tim Allardyce I was in constant severe pain from a neck injury to such an extent that I couldn’t imagine life getting back to normal without surgery. Incredibly, just eight sessions later I’m almost completely recovered. It’s like some kind of magic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tim to anyone".

Greg Cheasman

shoulder pain patient

"Tim’s treated the whole family"

“Tim began treating me in 2004 after the birth of my twins. Since then he’s treated the whole family. The twins saw Tim at each important developmental milestone to ensure that their spines were perfectly aligned to give them the best start in life. My eldest son suffers from Irritable Hip Syndrome and has had great relief following Tim’s treatment. The combination of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy gives great versatility to Tim’s treatment and we are very happy with the care we’ve had!”

Ros Wood


"I cannot recommend Tim highly enough."

Tim has a holistic approach to rehabilitation from injury which combines highly effective treatment with a tailor made exercise regime. I’ve been treated by Tim for 4 years and continue to see him regularly for check ups and treatment to other minor niggles, even though I moved to North Yorkshire 2 years ago.

Tim’s expertise has been integral to me achieving my health, fitness and sporting goals and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Phil Shenton


"Thanks Tim you are a star"

At the end of the treatment Tim had restored my shoulder to complete health and mobility.
I guess we never fully appreciate our bodies until they get sick, hurt or don't work properly anymore.

Every time I raise that arm now I am so grateful to tim for his professional expertise, knowledge and excellence in his vocation as a physical therapist and osteopath, and that which I believe cannot be taught, his human compassion for his patients be they athlete or hurting house wife.

Thanks Tim you are a star

Di Newberry


Thanks very much Tim for the exercises and advice. I am being good and doing them. My pain level is way down compared to a fortnight ago and my movements in that
arm are not bad.

Thank you for your help so far.


Patricia Ward


Hi Tim

I just wanted to thank you for all of your great ideas for shoulder pain.  I have followed alot of them and it has helped. 

I feel like I can control the pain alot more.  It is nice to know that someone knows what people go through with this kind of pain.

Thanks again,

Peg Burzo,
Grand Rapids Michigan



I have paid for, and downloaded your "Exercise Your Shoulder Pain-Free" book.
I found your web site and video encouraging for the left shoulder pain I have.

I am a senior still playing softball twice weekly during the summer and need my left
glove hand to be in good pain free condition.

I will work diligently on the exercises you recommend, and I hope I will be ready to play ball come spring.

I am impressed by your obvious dedication to athletes and pain problems.


Norman J Grinnell
Toronto Ontario Canada

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tim allardyce

Tim Allardyce
Professional Physical Therapist
Registered Osteopath

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